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Orlando Bloom Claims
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*Suject to change as still working it out*

Your admin are (currently) your Mod cynegyth and Your CoModerator ringer04

Claims will be divided into four categories:

1: Orlando Bloom charactors
2: Quotes
3: Scenes
4: Physical bits of Orli
5: Items:
6: Friendships

If ya think of anything else then mention it!

Only three people can claim any particualar item (not including myself) as otherwise this would go crazy. But you can claim as many items as you like!

The Rules!

1: NO FLAMING! Ya get one warning... then you're gone.
2: Put pics behind a Lj cut and warn if they're not worksafe
3: No Hotlinking or stealing things without permission
4: Got any problems then come to me. Don't start an argument on the Comm!

Thanks all for now you Have your Orders lol

If you wanna create Banners then by all means do carry on. Perhaps it would be cool for you to post them here so we can all share them!

If you're gonna be a Perv then I say why cover it up?! lol Perving is healthy.

Now get claiming!!!


Orlando characters

Legolas - cynegyth jack4will aqua_cat
William Turner - cynegyth jack4will sambora
Drew Baylor - flybaby014563 shellseeker
Jimmy - ringer04
Paris Of Troy - cynegyth sambora aqua_cat
Thumper (created by legomyarrow) - cynegyth jack4will shellseeker

Closed Claim Balian - sammy_stevenson ringer04 annebloom188


"he is no mere ranger!" (Legolas) - galor5
"...and you have my bow..." (Legolas) - jack4will
"Have you heard nothing Lord Elrond has said? The Ring must be destroyed." (Legolas) - jack4will
"A shadow and a threat have been growing in my mind. Something draws near, I can feel it." (Legolas) - jack4will aqua_cat
"The Horn of Gondor." (Legolas) - jack4will
"Lembas Bread, one bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man.!" (Legolas) - jack4will
[in Elvish] "You're late. " Legolas to Aragorn in the Great Hall when Aragorn returns
[in English] "You look terrible." Legolas - jack4will
"You cheated." (Will Turner) - jack4will
"It's right here. Between you and Jack." (Will Turner) - jack4will
"Right where I left you. Not where I left *you*." (Will Turner) (Scene claim) - jack4will
"He was twitching." The Two Towers EE - flybaby014563
"Elf Envy...they all had it." (Orlando) - shellseeker
"Few can foresee whither their road will lead them, till they come to its end." (Legolas) - shellseeker
[In Elvish]"And they should be 500 to 10,000. They're going to die!" (unsure of exact quote) - annebloom188


Paris' Bedroom Scenes with Helen - galor5
Orlando being indignant about being blamed for the canoeing accident in FOTR: EE - kira_may
Arrives back at the workshop, his boss is still fast asleep, "Right where I left you. [notices a hammer on the anvil] Not where I left *you*." Pirates of the Carribean - jack4will
Below deck with Elizabeth banding her hand in Pirates of the Caribbean - jack4will
The fight scene between Menelaus and Paris. (Includeing his cowardly and adorible retreat) - aqua_cat
Will Turner tied up by the pirates. > : ) - aqua_cat

Physical bits of Orli

His eyes - cynegyth aqua_cat shellseeker
Orli's hands - jack4will
Orli's smile - jack4will shellseeker
Orli's Butt - flybaby014563 aqua_cat
Orli's Dimples - galor5
Orli's fun sense of style - galor5
Orli's Curls - cynegyth galor5
Orli's Lips - cynegyth ringer04 aqua_cat
Orli's Tongue - ringer04
Orli's Chest - ringer04 aqua_cat
Orli's Belly - cynegyth ringer04 aqua_cat
His 'Bulge' - ringer04
The Sunshine tattoo on his belly - sambora shellseeker
Orli's '9' Elven Tattoo - annebloom188
Orlando's Fun sense of Adventure - annebloom188

His blue Legolas Contacts - cynegyth
Legolas' Lothlorien bow and quiver - jack4will aqua_cat
Will Turner's Hat - galor5 aqua_cat
Paris' Bow & Arrow - cynegyth galor5
Jimmy's Milk - ringer04
Jimmy's Boxing Gloves - ringer04
Paris' Skirt - ringer04 aqua_cat
Orli's Collection of Socks - ringer04



Slashy Vig/Orli Love - cynegyth ringer04 galor5 jack4will
Slashy Vig/Orli/Bean Love - cynegyth ringer04 galor5
Slashy Will/Jack Sparrow - aqua_cat
Slashy Legolas/Aragorn - aqua_cat
Slashy Legolas/Haldir - aqua_cat
Slashy Legolas/boromir - cynegyth aqua_cat
Slashy Paris/hector - aqua_cat
Slashy Achilles/Paris - aqua_cat
Slashy Paris/patroclus - aqua_cat


Orlando's Friendship with Viggo & Beanie - galor5 jack4will
Eric/Orli Brotherly Love - ringer04
Orlando's Hobbit Friendships - ringer04 jack4will